Evolution of Boston Dynamics

New Boston Dynamics robots, the coolest Boston Dynamics robots. robots 2020. Incredible robots of this company are among the top robots in the world. The fastest robots, the most agile, the coolest robots on the planet today are Atlas, Petman, BigDog, WildCat, Spot, Spot Mini, Handle and now the Pick system. But these are not all robots that have been developed. Mark Reibert developed technologies of all possible ways of moving on the ground in his first laboratory LegLab. This is why Boston Dynamics did not limit itself to walking robots.

The company has robots that crawl on walls, jump on roofs and windows of buildings. And if you look at the news of technology, you will see that now the ranks of industrial robots have been added to the redesigned Handle with the intelligent Pick system. They can not do flips and parkour like robot Atlas, not as fast as a robot cat, can not dance funk like robot Spot Mini. On the other hand, they are the first robots that use deep machine training and are oriented towards commercial applications.

Probably, Mark Reibert has achieved everything he wanted with regard to robot dynamics, and has now switched to machine learning and artificial intelligence. We will probably see the Atlas robot do our job soon after receiving artificial intelligence, or plan to hit the leather bastards who kicked Boston Dynamics robots the whole time.


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