The Evolution of Virtual Reality by 2025

VR short for Virtual Reality is already shaping & transforming almost every field in our lives. Major technological breakthroughs underwent in 2020 in virtual reality and by 2025 the industry is expected to reach about $88 billion in revenue.

VR headsets will possibly morph ever so closely to a lense. One major obstacle the virtual reality industry needs to overcome is locomotion. While common locomotion methods such as joystick walking and teleportation are the fundamental ways of moving around the virtual world, this sector leaves much to be desired.

Luckily there are many companies focused on this issue such as Kat walk with their latest omnidirectional treadmill called Kat Walk C. Full body haptic suits are also in development such as the teslasuit. Many other VR companies are also focused on bringing the sense of touch into virtual reality. In this video you will learn about the latest technology, games, software & hardware, driving the VR market forward.

We are living in interesting times. It will be fascinating to see if by 2025 VR will reach high tech as we've seen in the movie ready player one.


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