Walking The Walk With LBE VR Specialist PlatformaVR

Walking The Walk With LBE VR Specialist PlatformaVR

Virtual reality (VR) gaming at home is great fun, but there is something even more uniquely special when you take the online multiplayer element and bring it all into one physical spot, and that’s location-based entertainment (LBE). VRFocus has already waxed lyrical about content providers like The VOID, Zero Latency, and Sandbox VR, however, there are many more looking to make their mark in the industry, one of which is PlatformaVR.

Hailing from Russia, PlatformaVR opened its first location back in 2017, in the capital city of Moscow. Three more locations in the city followed, and then the company set its sights on expanding globally. This month to coincide with CES 2019 PlatformaVR opened its first location in Nevada, inside Bally’s Las Vegas. Which is where VRFocus caught up with CEO and co-founder of PlatformaVR, Ilya Kuzyuk.

Like the other LBE companies previously mentioned, PlatformaVR doesn’t use standard VR titles developed for home use and then ported to free-roaming arenas. The team has developed its own in-house videogames for guests to experience, meaning they can offer something unique that you can’t get anywhere else. Currently, PlatformaVR offers three titles; The Arrival – a saga of space voyagers at an abandoned futuristic station, The Poisoner – a detective story of two police officers investigating a series of mysterious murders, and MATCH – a high-adrenaline combat player-vs-player experience, with a fourth on the way.

PlatformaVR’s setup uses out-the-box hardware, using HTC Vive Pro headsets, Vive Trackers for full-body tracking, and an HP VR Backpack. Where it does differ from rivals like The VOID is gameplay time. When testing The VOID’s experiences like Ralph Breaks VRthey tend to be fairly short but sweet, around 10 – 15 mins in length. PlatformaVR, on the other hand, will keep you in VR for around an hour. 

Chating to Kuzyuk, the CEO discussed how PlatformaVR came about and its plans for the future, namely looking at opening more flagship locations not only in the US but also Europe eventually as the market hopefully continues to grow. Check out the interview below, and for further coverage of PlatformaVR in the future, keep reading VRFocus


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